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iCare, Inc. was started in March 2013 by licensed caterers, who leveraged their culinary expertise to serve their community by voluntarily sponsoring catering events for homeless shelters, underserved neighborhoods and their local church. 


For nearly five years, we have had great success bringing people from all walks of life together to serve people experiencing homelessness, indigent persons and families and disenfranchised veterans.  iCare was formed with the intent to expand the scope from charitable food service to include fundraising efforts to launch programs that can improve the lives of many people in the Jacksonville Florida area and DC metropolitan area. 


Today, iCare is a viable solution to the rapidly growing problem of homelessness and indigence throughout the mid-atlantic area.  We have quickly expanded into an organization with a number of

services, programs, volunteers and partner agencies that lend invaluable support and leadership to a community of people who need it.  So far, many have been helped by our innovative and collaborative means to reduce hunger, homelessness and poverty. Our partner organizations rely on us to share good food, good ideas and rally stakeholders and volunteers around big issues.


iCare’s vision is that all who are touched by our community outreach, whether on a one-time or long-term basis, will be empowered to improve the quality of their lives through access to food, shelter, mentoring and personal development, job readiness and career placement, counseling services and spiritual enrichment.


With the help of our incredible board members, that are named to

the right, we plan to take iCare into the future and beyond becoming a staple of hope and encouragement within the community.

Board of Directors

Kevin Huffman - iCare President

Marie Huffman - iCare Vice President

Timothy Johnson - Board Member


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